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Dr Mandy Lacy

Dr Mandy Lacy is a benefits realisation management specialist and qualified practitioner passionate about measuring return on investment with excellent experience.  In relation to this she brings a wealth of expertise in new business development, lessons learned, quality assurance, change management, modern workplace learning and communications.

A group of women at a business meeting

Over the last ten years Mandy has been involved in significant digital transformation programmes, completed the requirements as a Gateway Reviewer, better business case development and writing, service review and re-design plus people and business change management.  She specialises in relationship engagement, strategic thinking, evaluation and review, problem solving and planning for successful outcomes.  Mandy is an experienced consultant, facilitator, coach, workplace educator and trainer. 


Mandy is qualified in organisational psychology, holds a Learning Science and Technology Masters Degree and has completed her PhD research in team meeting efficiencies through group memory and learning in the workplace. She maintains memberships in professional supervision, benefits realisation management, organisational psychology, coaching and training. Her career spans working throughout New Zealand and Australia. She has held national, regional and international governance roles.   Mandy brings experience from the business, health, education, social and community sectors in corporate, government and business settings.


She also teaches and supervises organisational psychology students in the transactional analysis modalty where she has taught and run workshops internationally. Mandy advocates strongly that professional and personal development in unison is the key to highly impactful leadership and working relationships. 

Mandy specialises is modernising meeting practices to improve productivity, saving the enormous spend on meetings and driving a focus on group memory - the intellectual capital.  Find out more  

Further detail about Mandy's professional background can be found in her CV and the links below:

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