Mentoring and

Our structured but hands on mentoring approach ensures that we build capability that leaves a methodology and blueprint in place within the organisations we work with. We appreciate the uniqueness of each organisation we work with and respect this without preconceived assumptions.


Drawing on our experience as contractors across numerous sectors, including health, ICT, commercial construction and corporate recovery, we facilitate successful outcomes without becoming overbearing. We operate under agreed guidelines to ensure our commercial and public sector client’s strategies are aligned with our delivering value and measurable efficiency.

Mandy and Derek are trainer's for ‘How to Excel as Benefits Owners’.  These are workshops which provide information and processes to support benefits leadership, ownership and benefits practices.

Business Consultation

Developing and growing benefits sustainability in organisations is our goal. Organisations that provide a dedicated benefits resource gain traction and results. A benefits lead supports the team through training, developing a strategy, creating systems and processes, implementation and monitoring.  It is an efficient and excellent way to embed BRM practice. 

Mentoring and coaching plays an important factor in supporting people and organisations to carry out sustainable benefits realisation management and all aspects of programme management and quality assurance.  Providing an external view for the purposes of internal excellence offers on-going support, learning and achievements.​