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Experts in relationship equity management, benefits realisation management, quality assurance, business cases, programme / project management office, financial analysis, post implementation reviews, programme management and lessons learned evaluations.

Identifying and measuring the social, financial and sustainable return on investments through benefits realisation management best practice.

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Our structured and hands on training and mentoring approach ensures we build capability that leaves a sustainable blueprint in place within the organisations.  We are adaptable, responsive and appreciate the uniqueness of each organisation we work with and respect this without preconceived assumptions.


Drawing on our experience across numerous sectors, including health, ICT, commercial construction and corporate recovery, we facilitate successful outcomes without becoming overbearing. We operate under agreed guidelines to ensure our commercial and public sector client’s strategies are aligned with our delivering value and measurable efficiency.

We utilise communications technology to ensure strong engagement, feedback and full stakeholder representation. Through  understanding and appreciating the value add from agile approaches we are adaptive to our client’s leadership style and preferences.


The REM, Benefits and PMO services include the establishment and review of internal governance and best practice in project co-ordination and administration ensuring the key elements of scope, schedule and cost remain in balance or identified and remedied.

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Benefits Realisation Management 

Benefits realisation management (BRM) is becoming increasingly important as investors, funders, key stakeholders and services expect to see quality analytical and evidenced information and data from the return on investments.

Relationship Equity Management

The REM World agenda provides culturally sensitive and organisational transformation methodology and tools (practice proven for over 30 years). REM World is a process that supports the collaboration and contributions from a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders.


Programme management is the action of carrying out the co-ordinated organisation, direction and implementation of a dossier of projects and transformation activities to achieve outcomes and realise benefits of strategic importances to the business.

Mentoring and

Ensuring sustainable best practice is our focus and this is achieved by offering specific on-the-job training and mentoring to walk along side leaders in their drive to embed successful practices.